My Counter is not updating, what can I do?

Your Counter does no longer updates and it doesn't display the correct number? It is likely possible that:

1- Your Counter is no longer connected to the Internet

Your Counter should display one stripped flap on the far left if it is no longer connected to the Internet, and it should show " Disconnected" in your My.Smiirl account. Please note that the miniature of your Counter will display all blank flaps (see image below). 


In that case, you will need to reconnect your Counter to the Internet. For that, click on "Connect to the Internet" and follow the steps.

You can check the following articles for further information:

2- Your Counter is unplugged

Your Counter won't be able to update automatically if it is not plugged in.


Check that your Counter is still plugged into a working electrical outlet. 🔌 

If your Counter doesn't update even if it is plugged into a functional electrical outlet, then you will have to follow the procedure described in this article:

3- Your Counter is no longer linked to your data

In that case, your Counter will probably display a number that is not up to date or blank flaps. All of this indicates that your Counter is connected to the Internet but it does no longer receive any data and it, therefore, can't update.


The steps to follow for each type of Counter are described in the following articles:

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