Why does Smiirl want to manage my Facebook page?

When you are linking a Facebook page (or an Instagram account) to your Counter, you need to allow Smiirl to receive your email address and to manage your pages.

😨Don't worry! We won't actually manage your page, it just means that your Counter will be allowed to fetch your number of Likes, and your number of Followers if you have an Instagram Counter. If you click on "No", your Counter will display blue or pink flaps, which would be a shame 😉

If you did worry and if you turned the buttons to "No", here's what you need to do to:

- Log in to your My.Smiirl account
- Click on Settings
- Click on Link my Counter to a Facebook page / Instagram Business account 
- Click on Continue as XXX
- Select your Facebook page
- Turn both the blue buttons to YES
- Click on Done, and on OK
- Select your page and click on Save

And that's it! 🥳

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