How does the JSON URL option works?

That’s one a good question!

You just need to provide your Counter with the data thanks to a URL you will have coded with a specific format: a JSON URL.

Might sound a little bit scary if you're no programmer, but this maneuver is rather simple for someone who knows how to code and who has access to the information you want to display, you can invite them to have a look at the following article

Ask your partners or your programmer friends for some help, they’ll know exactly what to do and it should go rather quickly. 

What should I do once I have my JSON URL? 

Here is then how you can proceed:

  1. Log in to My.Smiirl
  2. In the "My Counters" section, click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "Options"
  4. Select "JSON URL"
  5. Copy and paste your JSON URL and select the attribute 

  6. Click on "Save" and the Counter will update accordingly

Also, you can change the way your Counter gets access to the data whenever you want! You only have to click on  "Options".

⚠️ Please note that your Counter always needs to be connected to the Internet to display a number! 

You can check the following article to get an idea about the connexion of a Custom Counter: Does my Custom Counter have to be connected to the Internet?

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