What is a JSON URL? How to create it?

That's a good question!

A JSON URL (is an acronym of JavaScript Object Notation) is a file format that enables to stock data, and this is through this URL your Custom Counter will be able to display a number. 

The Custom Counter can display any data, provided that you are allowed to access and use it.

In order to enable your Custom Counter to display a number, you will need to create a JSON URL, which will act as a bridge between the platform hosting the data and the Counter itself. You can find below a plan that explains how the Custom Counter fetch the data you want :

How can I create this JSON URL?

A back end developer will be able to code this JSON URL if they need more information they can have a look at the following page: Custom Counter

Here is also an article that will give you an example of how to proceed: I need a JSON URL for my Custom Counter, what information should I provide my developper with?

What if I don't have any developer in my team?

If there’s no developer in your team, you can ask for the services of developer from this platform for example: Freelancer

⚠️ The Custom Counter will fetch data from your JSON URL in real time, but the platform you will link your JSON URL to (Youtube, LinkedIn, your own KPI, etc) may not be able to update in real time. If you need more information about that, we suggest you read this article. :)

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