How works the interface?

This interface is compatible with a smartphone, computer, tablet... Please note that you can use it to reconnect every kind of Counters. 

❗️Please make sure that neither your Counter nor the computer you are using are plugged in to an Ethernet cable.❗️

🎥 You can check this video where we explain how to connect your Counter. 

📖Otherwise, if you prefer to read, you can follow the steps below:

1- Plug in the Counter

2- Wait for a minute, until it displays one striped flap on the left

3- Select the SmiirlSetup network on your computer/phone (it might say that you have lost your Internet connection, but that's actually a good thing. 😊If you have a message asking if you want to remain connected to the Wi-Fi please answer yes! )

⚠️Your device should ONLY be connected to the Smiirl_setup network to be able to access the interface. 

4- Once it says that you are connected to the SmiirlSetup network, enter the following URL:, you should arrive on this page: 

5 - A few seconds later, a list of Wi-Fi available around will be displayed. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect your Counter with.

6 - Enter the password of this Wi-Fi network. ⚠️ Please make sure you write your password network above the stars (your password is never pre-entered). Once you've entered your password, click on "Next" 

7 - Click on "Let's go" 

8 - You are on the last step of the connection process: reconnect your device to the Internet. 

⚠️ When you go back to, please do not click on "Connect to the Internet" - your Counter is already reconnecting. 

All you have to do now is to look at your Counter 👀: 

  • If your Counter displays 5 striped flaps, it means it is gathering the very last pieces of information needed in order to connect to the Internet. What should you do? Nothing, you just have to wait for a few more minutes! Once it is connected, make sure your Counter is properly linked with your data : 
  • If your Counter doesn't display 5 striped flaps, then can you check how many stripes it displays before it starts displaying only one striped flap.

If one of the steps above doesn't work, could you also get in touch with our Support Team below and tell them which one? A screenshot would help us understand the problem better ;) They'll also need to know how many striped flaps the Counter displayed as a maximum. 

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