I need a JSON URL for my Custom Counter, what information should I provide my developer with?

You have a Custom Counter and you've decided to make your Counter display your data using the option JSON URL.

Great! Nothing is easier with the precious help of a developer. You can forward them the following message with the detail of your project:

I would like to connect a Custom Counter Smiirl to {{service_wanted}} (ex: Google Analytics) in order to display {{your_data}} (ex: number visitor per month).

To do so the Counter needs to do a request to an endpoint (via HTTP). The output has to be in a JSON format and respect the following syntax {“number”:1200}.

Also, you can forward them the link to our Github platform, there are some JSON URL examples, it can be very useful. 

If you want to learn more about the JSON URL, don't hesitate to check the following article. 😉

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