Can I make a YouTube or LinkedIn Custom Counter?

Yup! You can get a Custom Counter and have it display data coming from YouTube or LinkedIn. However, we do not guarantee that these data update in real time, contrary to our Like Counters.

If you need more information about that, we suggest you read this article. :)

Here are a few indications about our experience with LinkedIn and YouTube:

LinkedIn: the platform doesn't provide its data in real time, it'll be up to you to have that information checked by someone who knows their way around the LinkedIn API.

YouTube: it doesn't seem like the API does provide the data in real time, yay :)

If you ever decide to link a Custom Counter to YouTube or LinkedIn, please note that Smiirl will not help you with the creation of your JSON or with any other requests to our support team. And no refund will be granted.

Please also note that it's up to you to find and have the rights to print a YouTube or LinkedIn logo on your Custom Counter, should you want to do that. You'll find more info about our logo policy here.

Hope that helps 🤗

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