How can I know if I already have a Facebook business page linked to my Instagram business account?

To check if a Facebook business page is linked to your Instagram business account, all you have to do is:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap on “edit profile” on the top left part of your screen
  • In the section “business information”, click on “page”

You’ll either find a list of Facebook business pages or the sentence “claim Facebook Page”.

1. Seeing the message “claim Facebook Page” means that a Facebook business page has been created the moment you switched your Instagram account into a business account. But it also means that this Facebook page isn’t linked to your Instagram account just yet. You’ll have to tap on “claim Facebook Page” in order to link the two together.

You’ll thus see a list of Facebook business pages, and you’ll just have to pick the one you want (for more info, you can go here).

2. Seeing the name of a Facebook page that’s already checked means that your Facebook business page is already linked to your Instagram business account.

Wanna change the Facebook page that’s linked to your Instagram account? It couldn’t be easier! Just select the page you want in the list of pages that you’ll see below the one that’s already linked to your account.

If none of those Facebook pages suit you, you can click on “Create a new Facebook Page”.

For more info, you can check this Instagram’s article as well.

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