How can I know if I already have an Instagram business account?

It couldn't be more simple! 😍

A business account gives you indications on your followers that a regular account can't provide.
So, if you can see diagrams, percentages, and other statistics, it means that you already have an Instagram business account. Congraaaaats πŸŽ†

Are you in need of a lil tip to make sure of that quickly? 

Well you're in luck. Take your smartphone and access the Instagram app. Then, go to your profile.

Now that you're on your profile page, look for a sentence saying β€œX profile visits in the last 7 days” at the top only a business account can provide this statistic.

If you can't see that stat, then all you have to do now is transform your personal account into an awesome business account. Here's what you should do.

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