My device (Computer, Smartphone or Tablet) doesn't remain connected to the SmiirlSetup Wifi network

You've connected your device (computer, smartphone, tablet...) to the SmiirlSetup network as indicated in 3 out of 6 of the installation process: 

But your device does not remain connected to this Wi-Fi network and you are getting the following error message: "Sacrebleu! Your computer is no longer connected to the smiirl_setup wifi.". What should you do? 🤔 

Why your device can't stay connected to the SmiirlSetup network?  

Some devices, especially some computers, are set up to remain automatically connect to their previous Wi-Fi configurations which means that each time you will connect to the Smiirlsetup Wi-Fi network, your device will directly switch to a more familiar Wi-Fi network. 

💡 Before retrying the connection process, please read the advice below: 

  • You will only have to make your device forget its usual Wi-Fi network for a moment until you get done with the Smiirl connection procedure 
  • Or you can try with another device if you have no idea how to make your Computer forget the previous Wi-Fi network 😇
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