I keep seeing a "You're disconnected from the SmiirlSetup" or an "Error 904" message

You're trying to connect your Counter, but an orange error message pops out to explain that your computer is no longer connected to the SmiirlSetup network, or you see a red "Error code 904" message? Don't panic, we have the solution for you ;)

These error messages pop out for two reasons:

- You've just disconnected your computer from the SmiirlSetup network (which you shouldn't πŸ™ˆ)

Solution: please stay connected to the SmiirlSetup network up to the point when the interface will ask you to reconnect to your usual WiFi network. You won't have access to the Internet when you're connected to the SmiirlSetup network, but it will only last for a couple of minutes.

- You haven't done anything, the error message just popped out for no reason (and sometimes it'll just flicker repeatedly πŸ˜¦)

Solution: Your computer is being stubborn and won't remain connected to the SmiirlSetup network (even when it does appear as connected to it). You should thus follow the steps below to help your computer see reason.
Here is what you should do:

1- Plug in the Counter
2- Wait for a minute, until it displays one striped flap on the left
3- Select the SmiirlSetup network on your computer/phone (it might say that you have lost your Internet connection, but that's actually a good thing)
4- Once it says that you are connected to the SmiirlSetup network, enter the following URL:
5- Follow the instructions on screen
When you are asked to go back to http://my.smiirl.com, please do not click on 'Connect to the Internet'. Wait for 5 minutes (you can access the 'Settings' to link it to your data in the meantime), and if it's not connected by then, please email us at support@smiirl.com so that our Support Team can help you.
They'll need to know the maximum amount of striped flap you were able to see on the Counter, and a description of your problem.

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