How can I reset my Counter?

First of all, here are the reasons why you should reset your Counter:

- You have just changed the password of your WiFi network;
- You haven't been able to reconnect your Counter following a power outage;
- You now want to connect it with an Ethernet cable instead of using your WiFi network - or the other way round;
- Your Counter is displaying a striped flap on the left, and yet you can't see the SmiirlSetup network.

And please keep in mind that if you want to connect your Counter to a WiFi network, neither your Counter nor your computer should be plugged in to an Ethernet cable ;)

Now, here's what you need to do to reset your Counter:

🎥 You can check this video where we explain how to reset your Counter:

📖Otherwise, if you prefer to read, you can follow the steps below:

1-  Unplug your Counter, plug it back in and when the digits start turning (it'll take about 30 secondes), unplug it again. Do it while the flaps are rotating, don't wait for them to stop.
2- Then again, plug your Counter back in, and when the digits start rotating, unplug it while the flaps are moving.
3- Plug it in for the last time and let the digits turn, your Counter should display "5" on each flap. After a moment, the flaps will become blank again and then the first flap on the left will be striped.  Your Counter is now reset 😁
4- Now please go back to your Mysmiirl account :
5- Click on the button  Connect to the Internet and follow the instructions.  

If there's any problem, please get in touch with our Support Team (see "Contact us" below), and tell them:
- Which step doesn't work;
- What the Counter displays (a number, or blank flaps, or stripes - and in that case, how many striped flaps you see before it's back to displaying only 1 striped flap).

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