Where can I find the ID of my Counter?

It is very easy! 😊

You can find the ID at the back of your Counter and on the first page of the user guide, on a black round sticker. It is made of 12 characters and every 2 are separated by ":" as you can see in the pictures below:

Be aware, the ID is made up of characters from 0 to 9 and from A to F. It means if you entered the letter O, it is incorrect, the correct character is the number 0.

If you can't access the back of your Counter or there is no sticker at the back of your Counter, then please check the following article: There is no Sticker on the back of my Counter / I do not have access to the back of the Counter: How can I find the ID?

If you cannot find the ID of your Counter, feel free to contact the Smiirl Support team, at the following email address: support@smiirl.com.

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