How can I connect my TikTok Counter to the Internet via Wi-Fi?

Nothing is easier! 

You can check the video below or read the rest of the article if you prefer to follow written instructions. 

To connect your Counter to the Internet via Wi-fi, you can follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Plug in your Counter and wait until it displays one striped flap in the far left.

Step 2:

a.Connect to your My.Smiirl account.

b.On the section "My Counters" click on the Warning Sign and then on "Connect to the Internet" if you see your Counter.

c.Click on "Install" if you can't see your Counter in the list and enter your Counter's ID (to find your Counter ID have a look at the following article).

Step 3:   

a.Select via Wi-Fi when you are asked to choose between a Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection.

b.Follow the steps on the interface: connect your device to the “SmiirlSetup” Wi-Fi. 

c.Then select your personal Wi-Fi from the list as shown in the picture below, and enter your Wi-Fi network password.

d.After that, reconnect your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) to your Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: 

If your Counter is not linked anymore to your TikTok don't hesitate to follow the article below: 

I need to link my TikTok account with my TikTok Counter. How should I do it?

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