How to create a Zap with Smiirl's App on Zapier?

Our Custom Counter can be linked to your favorite app via Zapier application.

Feel free to check if your application is available on Zapier as well as if available triggers (new follower, new invoice, etc) correspond to the data you would like your Counter to display.

Please note that you should get a Zapier subscription to be able to configure your Custom Counter with it.

Let's take an example of Twitter. Here is a way to link your Counter via Zapier to Twitter:  

  1. Please access Smiirl application on Zapier here
  2. On, click on the button "Create Zap

  3. In the section "Trigger" : 

  • Select your App (Twitter)
  • Choose the trigger (New Follower) 

  • Sign in with your credentials

  • Click on "Test your trigger" and "Continue"

   4. Add an action to get the number you want to display on your Counter (skip this step if the trigger already gives the expected number)

  • Select your App (Twitter)
  • Choose the Action / Action Event (Search Users in Twitter / Search User)

  • Setup Action (set the username the number of followers of which you want your Counter to display)

  • Click on "Test your trigger" and "Continue"

   5. Add the last "Action":

  • Select the App “Smiirl 1.2.0”
  • Choose the Action Event "Update Number on Counter"
  • Find your Counter's ID and Token. For further information please check our article here.
  • Copy and paste your Counter's ID and Token to Smiirl App configuration.
  • In "Number to Display", select your data from the trigger event or a previous action (for exemple, "Followers Count" on a "Search Users on Twitter" Action of the step 4.)

  • Click on "Test and continue" and "Turn on Zap". It's done! 

Also, you can change the way your Counter gets access to the data whenever you want! You only have to click on "Options".

⚠️ Please note that your Counter always needs to be connected to the Internet to display a number (more details here).

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