My Follower Counter is connected but it is displaying blank flaps

Your Follower Counter appears as connected on your My.Smiirl account, and yet it is displaying blank flaps only?

Or you get a " The page name doesn’t exist, please make sure there’s no typo" when you save your Facebook

Then your access token* may be expired.  Here's what you should do:

1. Log in to your Instagram business account.

2. Open another tab, and log in to a Facebook profile that has admin rights on your Facebook page.

3. Open a third tab, and log in to your

4. Go to My Account, if the switch below Instagram is grey, click on it to turn it green, and make sure you validate all the things that are asked in the pop-up page. Please do the same for the Facebook switch.
If the switches for Instagram and Facebook are already green, click on them to turn them grey, then click again to turn them back to green. Please make sure you validate all the things that are asked in the pop-up page.

5. Go to My Counters, click on "Settings".

6. If you see a red button in the "Professional Instagram Account" section, click on it.

7. Click on “Renew my access token”.

8. Click on "Save" below your URL.

After a few minutes, your Counter will display the right number. If it doesn't, can you have a look at the error message that has probably appeared when you hit the "Save" button? It'll help you understand what's missing.

And if you need extra help, please contact our Support Team so that they can investigate. 🕵️

* The access token is what enables Facebook and Instagram to know that you're an actual person who is entitled to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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