Why do I have an error message when I enter my Facebook page URL?

You entered your Facebook URL in the Settings of your Instagram Counter and you got the following error message: 

⚠️ OOPSY. Looks like there's something wrong! Please make sure you entered a Facebook business page URL, and not an Instagram URL. You also need to keep in mind that your Instagram account needs to be a business account, and that it should be linked to your Facebook business page.

In this situation could you please check the following information?

- Make sure your Instagram account is a business one. If you have any doubts about it don’t hesitate to read this article: How can I know if I already have an Instagram business account?
- Check that your Instagram Business account is linked to a Facebook page. The article: How can I know if I already have a Facebook business page linked to my Instagram business account? will help.
- Also, you have to be admin of this Facebook page. 

Then, go back to your My.smiirl account.

- In the section "My account", the Instagram and the Facebook switches should be green. If they are not please click on them to change them to green. If a pop-up page appears please make sure to give access to Smiirl. Don’t worry we will never display your personal data, this authorization allows Smiirl to fetch your number of Followers.
- However, if the switches below Instagram and Facebook are already green, click on them to turn them grey, then click again to turn them back to green. Please make sure you validate all the things that are asked in the pop-up page. 

Once you’ve checked all this information, in the tab "My Counters", copy and paste your Facebook URL in the section "Settings" of your Counter, then don’t forget to click on "Save".

If you still have the error message, don’t hesitate to contact our support team: support@smiirl.com.

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