Instagram migration: steps to follow if you have a Follower Counter.

You have just logged into your My.smiirl space and you arrived on the “Migration” page: these are the steps to follow.🙂

First, click on “Let's get started!” in order to go on with the Migration process.

Then, click on the ON/OFF switch to link your My.Smiirl account to your Facebook business page. Doing so, a pop-up will appear that will ask you to give Smiirl the authorization to access your Facebook page. It goes without saying that we'll only have access to your number of Fans/Followers and not to any of your personal data.

You can click on “OK” with a peaceful mind. 😊

What will happen next is that we're going to ask you if you already have an Instagram Business account or not.
If you already do, then you'll just have to click on “I already have one”. If you don't, then please click on “Please, show me the way” so that we can help you create one. When it's done, please hit “next”.
If you're not so sure whether or not you already have one, this article will help you figure that out. 💡

Now that you're sure to own an Instagram business account that's linked to a Facebook business page, it's time to copy/paste your Facebook page's url where needed.
If you don't really get the reason why we're asking you to use a Facebook url and not one from Instagram, you'll find all the answers you need in this article. 💡

When it's done, click on “save”.

Well, congrats! You deserve an applause and some serious thanking. 🎉 You can now go back to “My Counters”, where you'll find the note “Counter migrated” next to your Counter. 

Hope that helps 🤗

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