Why should I migrate my Follower Counters?

In just a few words, for two very valid reasons: so, your Counters can keep updating (pretty useful, right?) and so that they can be way more reactive as well. It’s a bit of a two birds, one stone kinda thing. 🦆🦆☄️

Now for those who want to get more specific, here is further explanation. 🤓

As you might know, Facebook owns Instagram. And they’ve made a few decisions lately, one of them being to merge the Instagram API with the Facebook one, creating a new Facebook API that can support Instagram as well.

*An API (Applications Programming Interface) is an interface that communicates data to applications and objects. It's an API that lets your Counters know when someone hits “Follow” and it's time to display a new number.

By merging the Instagram's API with the Facebook one, the Californian company decided it was time to put aside the old Instagram's API. It means that the technology on which our Follower Counters work today will cease to exist come January 2020.

This process will migrate your Counters from a soon-to-be-obsolete technology to a new one, one that is even more efficient.

So as soon as you receive an email asking you to migrate your Counters, just log into your My.Smiirl account where you’ll find all the steps that will help you make your Counters work better than ever.

Hope that helps 🤗

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