Which URL should I use for my Follower Counter, and why?

You have an Instagram Business Account and you want to link it to your Counter? You’ll need to copy/paste the Facebook business Page URL that’s linked to your Instagram Business Account. 

Finding that URL is really easy: 

- Log into your Facebook account
- Go to your Facebook Business Page
- Copy the URL
- Get to your My.Smiirl account, in your Counter settings, and paste it there.

You might wonder why we’re asking you for a Facebook URL for a Counter that’s connected to Instagram? Well, it’s absolutely normal. As we explained in this article: Why do I have to create an Instagram business account?, Facebook owns Instagram and will merge the Instagram API with the Facebook one. 

In other words, it’s Facebook’s technology that’ll give your Counter the number of Followers you have on Instagram. That’s why we’re asking you to use the Facebook business page URL that’s linked to your Instagram business account.

If you don’t remember which Facebook business page is linked to your Instagram business account, you can go to this article.

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