Facebook migration: steps to follow if you have a Like Counter.

You have just logged in on your My.smiirl space and you arrived on the “Migration” page: these are the steps to follow.🙂

First, click on the switch to link your My.Smiirl account to your Facebook account.

Then, a Facebook pop-up will appear. Click on "Ok" to give Smiirl the authorization to access your Facebook page.

After that, just click on “next”, and “update” to update all your Counters at once.

And tadaa, you're done! Your Counters have now migrated to our new software upgrade. 🦆

PS: Don't worry, if when the Facebook pop-up appears you are asked to log in to your personal Facebook account, it is normal. 👍 

Our Counters need to be linked to a Facebook account and to have an actual person controlling this account, but they will never display your personal data. 

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